Daily proper water intake and precautions

Depending on your gender, physical condition and intensity of exercise, you should know the proper daily fluid intake. Knowing the required water intake can prevent side effects caused by lack of water in the body.
Water is an essential substance that composes more than 70% of the human body, and if there is a problem in maintaining proper daily water intake, it causes problems in major organ functions in the body.
Daily proper water intake and precautions

The recommended daily water intake varies depending on age and gender. For example, boys aged 9 to 13 years need to drink about 2.1 liters of water a day, but girls of the same age usually consume about 1.9 liters of water.

Adults need to drink 2 liters of water and 2.5 liters of water for men.

In addition, experts say that in certain cases, such as pregnant women, it is necessary to increase 0.3 to 0.7 liters more than the appropriate daily water intake . Now let's take a look at how to calculate the proper daily water intake according to the individual situation and related information.

Relationship between body weight and proper daily water intake
Few people know that the proper daily fluid intake varies with body weight. As you might have expected, skinny people have less fluid intake per day than people with large body sizes.

Relationship between body weight and proper daily water intake
If you calculate the proper daily fluid intake by weight, you may think it's complicated, but there is a simple formula. The value obtained by dividing the weight (lbs) by 2 (oz.) is the appropriate daily water intake.

The following are examples to help you understand.

If your weight is 116 lbs, your body weight is divided by 2, and 58 oz is the proper daily fluid intake. In other words, you should drink about 5 cups of water a day.

Remember the proper daily water intake formula for each body weight (lbs)/2 = the appropriate daily water intake (oz).

Special case
According to experts, people who exercise or do vigorous physical activity need to replenish one liter of extra water per hour of movement .
As you all know, fruits and vegetables have a high moisture content . If you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, you should drink at least 2 liters of water each day. If you have eaten fruits and vegetables with a high moisture content, it is calculated by including them in the proper daily water intake as with other foods.
How to fill your daily fluid intake
If you have a disease or weak immunity, maintaining fluid in the body is essential, so drink more water than usual.
How to fill your daily fluid intake
There are people who forget about the proper daily fluid intake or who are unable to replenish it properly for many reasons. Here are some tips on how to fill your daily fluid intake.

Drink a glass of water before meals: it's easy to remember, so you can quickly get it wet . Drinking a glass of water before meals can also help improve your metabolism.
How to fill your daily fluid intake
Also get up in the morning and drink a glass of water before bed . In the meantime, drink enough water to fill the proper water intake.
Some people do not like to drink water because they cannot taste anything . But you shouldn't drink sugar water.

If you keep blinking your daily fluid intake , let's create an hourly hydration plan!

4 ingredients to help you lose weight

4 ingredients to help you lose weight

In addition to the essential diet and exercise, certain recipes can also help you lose weight.

4 ingredients to help you lose weight

Belly fat smoothie
Now, let 's look at 4 ingredients that can help you lose weight. Pineapple, broccoli, cucumber and celery make great detox smoothies. To make a smoothie, you need the following ingredients.

1 celery stem
1 medium cucumber
1 cup chopped parsley
3 fresh pineapple slices
The first thing to do is wash the vegetables and pineapple, then remove the peel. Add all ingredients to the blender and grind well. Do not add ingredients such as salt, pepper, sugar or sugar substitutes.

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To see the effect, you need to make a smoothie and drink it within 15 minutes so that the efficacy of the ingredients does not go away.

You Need Should drink this drink on an empty stomach in the Early Morning. Combine smoothies with exercise and healthy eating habits . Only then can you see a definite result.

4 ingredients to help you lose weight
Are you curious why this drink has such a powerful effect? Do you want to know why there are so many benefits to act quickly? The answer can be found in the perfect combination of beverage ingredients.

4 ingredients to help you lose weight
First , let's look at celery, a low-calorie food. 100g of celery is only 16kcal, so it helps to lose weight. It is also a food rich in fiber.

According to some studies, simple methods, such as increasing fiber intake in your diet, are one of the most important components in losing weight.

Like celery, cucumber provides fiber and has the same nutritional value as celery, so it has a low calorie content. Cucumbers are made up of 95% moisture, so eating this vegetable can help you consume 2L of water a day, which is the recommended way to lose weight .

4 ingredients to help you lose weight
Parsley is another healthy food. Parsley contains-3.3grams-of-fiber-per-100 grams. In addition, the same amount of cucumber and celery contains 0.5g and 1.6g of fiber, respectively.

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Pineapple contains 1 g of insoluble fiber per 100 g and is 50 kcal. In addition, pineapple improves the flavor of smoothies and acts as a diuretic, helping to remove body fluids.

Other Smoothie Recipe
4 ingredients to help you lose weight
As mentioned earlier, smoothies to lose weight are best when taken on an empty stomach. You should eat once a day, but it can depend on how much you need to lose weight.

If you want to burn fat, try some of these smoothies.

Materials required
Orange juice or lemon juice
how to make
Wash all ingredients, remove seeds, cut and place in blender. Then, grind with water to complete a soft drink. now add  lemon juice or orange juice. Let's drink the finished drink in a glass.

This simple smoothie has a high fiber content and has a strong diuretic effect. It is also a helpful drink if you want to lower your blood pressure in a natural way. It can purify blood and lower cholesterol .

Why do we eat processed foods?

Why do we eat processed foods?

Super-processed food consumption is increasing. According to the Pan American Health Organization, eating habits in low- and middle-income countries as well as in high-income developed countries are changing.
Super Processed Foods (UPF) are not good for your health. But why are we eating super-processed foods? Nowadays, there are many opinions as to why the consumption of processed foods containing a large amount of chemical additives or preservatives increases.

Processed food type
Processed foods can be divided professionally as follows:

Unprocessed or minimally processed foods: These are healthy nutritional foods, such as soups or homemade salads, that have retained their nutrients or have undergone minimal processing.
Processed foods:   Foods processed artificially. High-calorie, low-nutritive additives such as sweeteners, butter and margarine, fat, sugar and starch are mixed.
Super-processed foods: Foods mixed with processed ingredients such as French fries and desserts.
Super-processing additive
Super Processed Food Features
In general, processed foods contain saturated fats, trans fats , sugars and salts, and sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservatives, stabilizers, solubilizers, binders, pigment enhancers and artificial flavor ingredients.

Eating a lot of super-processed foods increases the incidence of obesity , heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

Eating a lot of super-processed foods instead of fresh or organic foods can significantly reduce your intake of micronutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals, and  harm your health.

Reasons for Super Processed Food Consumption
There are many interesting studies on super processed foods, but why is the consumption increasing? A recent survey revealed several reasons for choosing super-processed foods.

The main reason people choose super-processed foods is their shelf life . It is also said to eat super-processed foods, such as saving cooking time, accessibility, rapid hunger, and lack of healthy processed foods.

Advertising also works on the choice of super-processed foods, because consumers usually buy the products they see in advertising. Super-processed foods usually attract consumers with gorgeous outer packaging and low prices .

Super processing expiration date
Other matters about super processed food
It is not easy to distinguish between processed foods and super-processed foods.

80% of foods sold at Super are processed foods : sweet drinks, semi-cooked foods, pastries, frozen foods, cookies, desserts, hamburgers, candy, refined grains, pizzas and energy bars.
Super-processed food creates wrong eating habits : Fast food affects lifestyle , tame artificial ingredients and stimulate appetite.
Cookies and sweet drinks are not real food: Cookies and sweet drinks that are high in calories without nutritional value contain large amounts of fat, sugar and salt, and some products have a sugar content of 250g.
Nutritional information
You need to be able to tell the difference between a complete food and a superfood that contains additives .

Super-processed foods include raw materials such as hydrogenated milk, hydrolyzed proteins, refined grains and wheat flour .

The U.S. Health Organization's super-processed food additives have a strong taste and can hide health-related issues.

The reason people eat super-processed food is because it has a long shelf life, is easy to eat, and is delicious and affordable.

Compared to organic and healthy food, the production cost of super-processed food is low, so the supply price is low.

Common shoulder problems and prevention

Common shoulder problems and prevention

Shoulder problems are common among athletes and bodybuilders. Therefore, this article is intended to help identify and prevent the most common shoulder pain.
Common shoulder problems are common among athletes. The shoulder is a complex part of the body. These injuries can easily deteriorate with movement, causing discomfort and negatively affecting daily life.
Common shoulder problems and prevention

Shoulder pain and injuries can make simple movements more difficult or uncomfortable. In addition, these injuries can be acute or chronic, depending on whether early diagnosis and the duration of pain or disability occur.

However, most shoulder-related problems are related to muscles, ligaments, and tendons rather than bones . An uncomfortable sensation may slowly develop through repeated and intense training routines. Therefore, it is useful to know the most common shoulder problems and what to do to prevent them.

The most common shoulder problems
The most common shoulder problems among athletes are:

1. tendonitis
The first issue to mention is tendonitis. The tendon is a band of solid fibrous tissue that connects the muscles to the bones. As a result, most tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon.

The tendons most commonly affected on the shoulder are one of the four tendons, the rotator cuff and the two forks .

2. bursitis
Synovial sac is a small sac containing fluid in all joints of the body, including the shoulders. It acts as a cushion between the bones and surrounding soft tissue and helps reduce muscle and bone friction.

The most common shoulder problems
Sometimes excessive movement of the shoulder can cause inflammation and swelling of the synovial sac between the rotator cuff and the shoulder blade. As a result, subarachnoid bursitis, a common problem with shoulder pain, occurs.

3. Shoulder instability
Shoulder instability is a problem that occurs when the top of the upper arm falls off the shoulder . It can be caused by sudden injuries or intense activity with the shoulders.

Shoulder dislocation is considered to be incomplete when the protruding part of the upper arm bone is partially removed from the indentation of the shoulder. This is called incomplete dislocation . Complete dislocation means that the protruding part has completely come out of the recess.

Dislocation occurs repeatedly when the ligaments, tendons, and muscles around the shoulders become loose or torn. Recurrent incomplete dislocation or complete dislocation causes pain and instability when lifting the arm. If incomplete and complete dislocation continues to occur, the risk of developing shoulder arthritis increases.

“What is more important than to fall is to stand up again.”

-Vince Lombardi-

4. Rotator cuff tear
Separation and rupture of tendons can occur due to degenerative changes in tendons or acute injuries due to age, long-term excessive use, wear or sudden injuries. This rupture can partially separate the tendon from the bone.

In most complete ruptures, the tendon separates from the bone. The most common shoulder problems are rotator cuff tears and biceps tears.

5. Five dogs
The fifty-one dog restricts joint movement. Causes the accumulation of abnormal tissue bands in the joints that affect the free movement of the shoulders.

Due to pain or surgery, the shoulder is'hardened' and the patient is unable to move this area frequently and adhesions can accumulate.

5. Five dogs
6. Arthritis
Arthritis occurs when the smooth surfaces of cartilage around the shoulder joint bones are severely worn.

The most common cause of arthritis is excessive joint use . Treatment for shoulder arthritis depends on the severity of the pain.

However, in this situation, experts recommend taking a break with anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone injections. In some cases, artificial joint surgery may be necessary.

How to prevent shoulder problems
The first step in preventing shoulder injuries is to wear appropriate equipment when performing vigorous activities . For example, there is a guard worn on the shoulder. Use proper protection whenever you exercise .

Another precaution is to practice proper tackling and blocking techniques. To make your shoulders more flexible and less susceptible to injury, you should follow a strengthening and conditioning program that helps strengthen your shoulders.

But don't forget to listen to yourself. If your shoulder hurts after an activity, don't ignore it. If the pain is severe and does not subside, visit a hospital.

Finally, it is recommended that you prepare properly for every exercise. In other words, you should do warm-up exercises before your workout and then finish up. So start training slowly and gradually increase your intensity.

Most shoulder-related problems are caused by vigorous sports, hard workouts, or lifting heavy objects. Therefore, special attention should be paid to these activities.

What to do and what not to do when exercising during pregnancy

Many experts recommend walking as one of the most beneficial exercises to do during pregnancy. Start walking at moderate speeds 2-3 times a week and increase your walking time, speed, and slope if you have more energy and stamina.
Most of it is beneficial for the body to exercise during pregnancy. However, you need to consult a doctor to find out which routine is best for you. The level of exercise you choose depends primarily on your body condition before pregnancy.
What to do and what not to do when exercising during pregnancy

Exercises you can do during pregnancy
Exercises you can do during pregnancy largely depend on what your pregnant woman can enjoy and what doctors recommend. Swimming, for example, is a great sport because it doesn't feel weight while floating. Combining cardio training, strength training and stretching is the best activity to do during pregnancy, as long as you avoid avoiding high-impact exercises on your body.

Exercises you can do during pregnancy
Of course, if you liked running before pregnancy, you may need to make some changes to your routine, but you are likely to be able to keep running. During the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes, let's slow down the running speed for warm-up and finish.

Many women experience dizziness during the first three months of pregnancy and the center of gravity changes as the fetus grows. Therefore, especially during the last three months of pregnancy, it is difficult to maintain balance, making exercise difficult.

You should also stop when your body shows unusual symptoms and signals you to stop exercising. The signs that the body needs to take some rest are: Pay attention to this.

Difficulty breathing
Fast heart rate
Pain in the back, pelvis, or related areas
You should also keep in mind that body temperature is very important when exercising during pregnancy  . Body temperature above 39 degrees is not good for babies. Do not exercise at high temperatures, as fetal development can cause problems.

When the weather is hot, do not exercise outdoors during the hottest hours. Also , don't forget that it is not easy to know if your body temperature is rising when swimming . The water always gives me a refreshing feeling.

Exercises to avoid during pregnancy
Most doctors do not recommend exercises that you should lie on your back, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. The following exercises should be avoided during pregnancy, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Up and down the stairs
Exercises, including the sudden change of direction
Exercises that can hurt your abdomen
Also, experts do not recommend sports, including any physical contact, such as skiing, diving and horseback riding. These sports have a high risk of falling and can cause serious injuries due to dangerous sudden movements.

Exercises to avoid during pregnancy
If you enjoy aerobic exercise, you can do very useful step aerobics during pregnancy. However, as the number of months progresses, the height of the scaffolding must be reduced. In addition, the rhythm should be adjusted so that the body does not become exhausted.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you should stop exercising and seek medical advice immediately.

Abnormal pain
Vaginal pain
Faster heartbeat and strong pain in the chest
Dizziness and dizziness
Difficulty breathing
Uterine contraction

Exercise during pregnancy is a very healthy activity for your body, as long as you are careful in the right way. Talk to your doctor about what you can and cannot do.

6 supplements to help with erectile dysfunction

6 supplements to help with erectile dysfunction

Some solutions to erectile dysfunction include taking medications, but you may rely on natural remedies. Here's how to end this naturally.
According to a study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute for Male Aging, nearly 50% of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. We are referring to erectile dysfunction, a global outlook explaining the growing number of Viagra consumers.

However, not everyone can take this medication easily. Therefore, many people are looking for a natural solution, and in fact there are some studies on this type of treatment. Some doctors and laboratories have found natural substances that successfully treat this problem.

Some supplements that may help men who prefer a natural alternative to this problem are:

L-arginine: a surprisingly effective supplement for impotence
L-arginine is an amino acid produced by the human body. The basic function is to relax the blood vessels to produce nitric oxide to maintain erection.

L-arginine: a surprisingly effective supplement for impotence
Commercially available products of L-arginine are available online. A study conducted in 2003 showed excellent results when mixed with Pycnogenol, a natural dietary supplement derived from the French coastal pine bark extract .
6 supplements to help with erectile dysfunction

Southern Bird: Natural anabolic steroid
It may be hard to believe, but one of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction comes from plants. Indeed, namgas contain natural anabolic steroids that are beneficial to the human body. One of the amazing effects of this plant is that it helps the body release testosterone.

It also helps regulate high stress scores . Anxiety and stress are important triggers for impotence. The only problem with this supplement is that it cannot be used by people with kidney failure.

Pycnogenol and Zinc Help Erectile Dysfunction
The use of Pycnogenol has been successfully demonstrated when mixed with other materials. From the foregoing, you may already have noticed how effective it is when mixed with L-arginine. And mixing with zinc can improve sexual function.

Indeed, the lack of zinc in the body causes serious health problems. If you don't eat enough foods with this ingredient, your immunity will get weaker. In addition, there is actually a close relationship between erectile dysfunction and zinc deficiency.

Ginseng: a vasodilator provided by nature
Ginseng has numerous medicinal properties. This plant has vasodilating properties , which is the best choice for people with cardiovascular problems. Ginseng basically produces nitric oxide to improve blood circulation.

Ginseng: a vasodilator provided by nature
The effect of ginseng on the male body is very similar to that of testosterone . We can think of this root plant as a supplement to help regulate the cardiovascular system.

Yin and Yang Kwak: Another amazing herb from Asia
Yin- yang, also called'horny goat weed', is used to treat many diseases in Asia. It is believed that Yin Yang Kwak has a great effect on the treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients with kidney failure.

The only problem with these drugs is that there are not many studies demonstrating their effectiveness. However, there are many studies in progress with experts who highly appreciate the characteristics of Eum and Yang.

Propionyl L-carnitine may also help treat erectile dysfunction
These dietary supplements are used by fitness to burn fat and build muscle. In addition to these benefits, it also greatly improves muscle blood circulation.

Propionyl L-carnitine may also help treat erectile dysfunction
The principle is simple. The more blood that fills the penis tissue, the more likely it is to become an erection. Athletes are well aware of the effects of pyrionyl L-carnitine, but there is not enough research showing it to be effective in treating premature ejaculation .

In summary, there are natural substances that can help improve your sex life before resorting to more powerful drugs like Viagra .

The human body can simply process or produce most of these compounds without harm .

Anyway, to avoid unnecessary risks, you should first consult with an expert.

7 benefits of playing sports for fun

7 benefits of playing sports for fun

There is one thing we need to learn from children. It's about choosing the sport you like the most, having a good time, and getting out of your daily routine for a while. Playing sports for fun has tremendous health benefits. Let's learn more now.
People often tend to think of sports as a compulsory task or a difficult activity to enjoy. This is why many people quit sports shortly thereafter . It is unthinkable for them to play sports for fun.
7 benefits of playing sports for fun

But what can you do while playing sports? Needless to say, there are numerous benefits to health and well-being. So how can you change your thinking about sports? How can I view it as a fun activity?

Sports for fun
Of course, the goal is to have fun in sports. If you find a fun activity to exercise, you will likely continue over time.

There are effective techniques you can use to find your favorite sport. When you have a sport you like, you'll want to do it when you're tired, on a tight schedule, or when other typical pingers come to mind.

But it's important to understand that it can take time to find the ideal sport for you. So, before making a final choice, be patient and try some activities.

7 benefits of playing sports for fun
If you like outdoor activities, gyms, exercise alone, or like to play with friends, think about your favorite activities. These factors are very important in finding the right sport for you.

Another way we can do is to start a fitness journey with friends and family. Having someone around you can motivate you to achieve your goals, feel strong, or have fun in the process.

Benefits of playing sports for fun
Social activities
Sporting for fun, not duty, is a great opportunity to meet new people, socialize and make new friends . It also has the effect of encouraging the team to continue to develop the bonds formed between those who exercise .

The benefits associated with lung health are obvious. Regular sports improve breathing significantly. Medium and long-term lung capacity will be very high.

Anxiety and stress control
Stress is part of everyone's life, especially those who live in big cities or face difficult situations. Regular sports is a powerful support group that significantly reduces stress and anxiety .

7 benefits of playing sports for fun
Healthy heart
Everyone knows that sports strengthen the heart. The heart is made up of muscles, so exercising daily improves your abilities significantly.

good mood
If you start exercising regularly, you can feel a positive change in your mood. Sport releases endorphins that relax your body and make you feel better. In fact, endorphin is best known as a'happiness hormone'.

In addition, sports improve the quality of sleep that affects energy throughout the day .

Healthy weight
Combining healthy eating habits with your favorite workouts will help you achieve your desired fitness goals faster , such as losing weight or maintaining your current weight .

When you achieve your goals, you increase your self-esteem, which in turn increases your happiness.

Stronger immune system
According to several scientific studies, regular exercise significantly improves the immune system . Therefore, people who play sports as part of their daily lives tend not to get sick often.

The benefits of playing sports for fun vary. The biggest rewards for patience and effort are physical health and mental well-being.

Team Sports: Fun Guarantee
If you choose team sports, you will surely be able to laugh and have fun. It's a great way to relieve anxiety and stress that builds up throughout the day .

Finally, you shouldn't consider playing sports as a compulsory thing. Instead, you should think of it as a time to relax, have fun, and get away from the problems you face every day.

Symptoms due to lack of body moisture

Symptoms due to lack of body moisture

It is said that if the body water level decreases by 1%, the athletic performance drops by 14%. Let's see how dehydration, which has a low body moisture level, affects our body.
Dehydration due to lack of body water can be life threatening . To prevent extreme situations, knowing the symptoms of dehydration and changes in your body will help you live a healthy life.
Symptoms due to lack of body moisture

Maintaining adequate body moisture is essential for health, so athletes who have severe loss of water due to age or intense exercise should pay attention to prevention of dehydration.

If you're thirsty, you're already running out of body water
Athletes tend to have more thirst due to lack of body water than others . If your body moisture decreases by 1%, your athletic performance will drop by 14%, so you should always get plenty of fluids during exercise.

There are many ways to maintain body moisture. The'Hospital Nutrition' magazine also published research findings that hydration is essential both before and after exercise, and you need to exercise 30 minutes and drink 200 mL (6 oz) of bottled water to maintain normal body water levels.

Symptoms of insufficient body water
Electrolyte imbalance , one of the causes of muscle spasms, is caused by dehydration.

If you lose body water through exercise, you may feel muscle pain, so you need to keep hydrating. Be careful, especially in a high temperature and high humidity environment, because body water easily escapes.

Body water dehydration
To prevent muscle soreness or muscle cramps, you can also drink sports drinks that contain water and mineral salts . According to a paper published in 2015, sports drinks supplement electrolytes to lower the incidence of muscle spasms.

Dizziness caused by lack of body water
Dizziness, which is a typical symptom of dehydration, is a symptom that occurs when body water is lost by 3% to 4%, resulting in a decrease in blood volume and a problem with nutrient supply in cells. Serious cases can lead to long-term problems.

When you're dehydrated, your body doesn't drain sweat to keep your body water level as high as possible. In this state, if the body temperature continues to rise, dangerous symptoms such as heat stroke can occur.

Dizziness in body water
Preventing body water loss with vegetables
For strategic water intake, it is necessary to think about the food's water content and prepare a diet. Most vegetables have a high moisture content, which helps maintain body moisture and prevent dehydration-related complications.

If you eat fruits and vegetables with high moisture content regularly, you don't have to worry about losing body water. Among them , watermelon and melon, which are representative summer fruits, are perfect for overcoming the heat and preventing dehydration.

You should also take mineral water, but nowadays, many people drink soda instead of water. Carbonated beverages give a refreshing feeling, but they are not very helpful in improving body moisture levels and have high sugar content, which is not good for health.

Drink carbonated drinks only occasionally and drink 2 liters of water daily to replenish your body moisture.

Body water vegetables
Health-threatening dehydration
Remember that dehydration is a major health risk and drink bottled water as often as possible.

Drinking water with more care to exercise can prevent the development of other conditions besides muscle cramps and muscle pain.

Vegetables and fruits with a high moisture content are foods that help maintain body moisture, so be sure to include them in your daily diet and avoid drinking carbonated drinks with a high sugar content instead of water.

The best time for winter running 

Purposes and benefits of using magnetic therapy

Purposes and benefits of using magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy, when applied correctly, brings numerous benefits and no side effects.

Magnetic therapy may be a treatment most people are not familiar with. However, when applied correctly by experts, it is very helpful for the effectiveness of numerous pathological treatments. Let's look at the main uses and benefits of magnetic therapy.
Purposes and benefits of using magnetic therapy

What does magnetic therapy consist of?
Magnetic therapy consists of treating various pathologies using a magnetic field. That is, the magnetic therapy device aims to penetrate body tissue using a current-carrying magnet.

The patient should have a problem body part in the center of the current, the electromagnetic field created between the magnets.

One of the main effects of the magnetic field in healing the human body is to promote the flow of ions through the cell membrane and stimulate metabolism at the cellular level .

Metabolic stimulation is essential for chronic processes and contractions that no longer function properly due to changes in flow. As a result of these two main cellular effects, magnetic therapy offers the following benefits:

Tissue regeneration due to fibroblast production .
Muscle relaxation due to proper ion flow  .
Anti-inflammatory effect due to stimulation of prostaglandin production .
Vascular dilation or heat regulation due to metabolic stimulation .
Reduction of pain or pain due to overall relaxation and high contribution of red blood cells.
What does magnetic therapy consist of?
Let's use it according to common sense
Before mentioning any pathology that magnetic therapy can help with treatment, there are important details to consider first. Magnetic therapy should always be sought by professionals with the right medical equipment .

The scientific community is suspicious of this treatment. Some people say that miracles can happen even if you wear only magnetic bracelets and rings. However, some magnets do not produce enough electromagnetic flow to penetrate body tissue. Therefore, in order to see the effectiveness of magnetic therapy, it is usually necessary to reach a specialist.

Physical therapists, hospitals, or health care facilities must have approved magnetic therapy devices . Typically, these devices consist of white rings that are wide enough to fit into the legs, arms, hips, or other parts of the body.

It is worth noting that self-therapy alone does not cure the disease . In other words, a good expert will use magnetic therapy as part of a wider treatment plan.

When to use magnetic therapy
Now that we know these precautions, let's look at a case where magnetic therapy produces excellent results.

Bone pathology such as fracture or bone edema
Process of rheumatism of the joint
Muscle contraction and bruises
Sprains, stretched muscles or tendonitis
Peripheral artery disease
Speeds up the healing process
Nerve pain
The aforementioned effects are caused by electromagnetic changes in the body. However, don't forget that magnetic therapy is only one way to treat these diseases, and it doesn't just cure it.

When to use magnetic therapy
For fractures, for example, you should follow the immobilization period and exercise program recommended by your doctor . For patients with sprains, magnetic therapy will complement ultrasound. Also, in case of tendonitis, the patient should follow the recommended eccentric exercise. To properly heal a problem, it is always a good idea to approach pathology from a variety of therapeutic perspectives.

Side effects of magnetic therapy
Finally, the best feature of magnetic therapy is that it has no side effects . However , special attention should be paid to pregnant or menstruating women , patients with cardiac pacemakers or viral diseases. Except in these cases, you can get self-therapy without any worries.

Musculoskeletal physical therapy

Musculoskeletal physical therapy

People do not consider the health of the musculoskeletal system to be insignificant without knowing that the musculoskeletal system is one of the most important strains of the human body. However, without the musculoskeletal system, our bodies will not be able to coordinate the movements necessary to sustain life.
Musculoskeletal physical therapy

Today, we are going to learn about physical therapy for musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is responsible for the voluntary movement of the body. The musculoskeletal system includes the skeletal and muscular systems, working together with the nervous system to enable movement and support and protect body organs.

Musculoskeletal physical therapy
Physical therapy is the treatment of injuries through exercise, massage or mechanical and physical means. In addition, physical therapy of the musculoskeletal system focuses on the problems of the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems .

Musculoskeletal physical therapy
In the human body, there are various organs classified as a system. Each strain has a variety of purposes and works with other strains to maintain standard quality for body function . The musculoskeletal system consists of:

  • bone
  • joint
  • Ligament
  • muscle
  • string
  • cartilage
All of these organs rely on the nervous system, which is responsible for the transmission of motor commands, to function properly. In this way, the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems work for the mobility of the body, allowing the body to move freely.

We must move
Many people think that water and food are the most important things for humans to survive. Of course, without water and food, our bodies would fall. However, from prehistoric times, mankind had to find food and water to survive . In other words, the musculoskeletal system plays a very important role in survival. Without all the organs of the musculoskeletal system, the human body cannot do what it needs to do to meet basic needs.

Today, work, study, mobility and all the elements that make up your daily routine can make your musculoskeletal condition worse. Moreover, people often think of the correct functioning of the musculoskeletal system. We focus most of our energy on what we do, not on health. But humans must move. If we can't move, we don't have the tools we need to survive.

What if I don't manage my musculoskeletal system?
Often the body is exposed to situations that can affect function. There are situations in which the musculoskeletal system can be severely harmed or slowly harmed. In any situation, the musculoskeletal system can deteriorate with a bad posture .

Poor posture can lead to joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, injuries and fractures. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to avoiding unhealthy postures and doing unfamiliar physical activities (specific sports, dancing, leisure activities, etc.).

The chair is our enemy
However, physical therapy of the musculoskeletal system can solve these problems. Of course, it's a good idea to avoid injuries and be aware of activities that affect your body.

But sometimes it can be difficult to avoid situations that are bad for our body. The secret is to reduce the impact of this situation.

There are small changes that can be practiced in everyday life.

Turn your office chair into a Pilates ball. This alternative is suitable for those who sit and work in the office all day. It may seem strange, but using a Pilates ball as a chair is actually a good way!
Musculoskeletal physical therapy
The human body is not designed to sit all day . Sitting for long periods of time can damage joints and muscles in a bad position.

However, using a Pilates ball as a chair sometimes requires movement and balance, which improves blood circulation, aligns the spine, and prevents bad posture.

Stretch daily: To keep your musculoskeletal health healthy, doing stretching exercises, yoga, or pilates can help . Stretching increases blood flow, provides oxygen, and strengthens muscles, joints, and ligaments.
Let's get enough rest: Musculoskeletal health can be managed in such a difficult way! If your routine is physically difficult, take enough rest to prevent muscle soreness.
Physical therapy to solve musculoskeletal problems
Some injuries require treatment by specialists, so there are situations where physical therapy is required. For example, physical therapy can be very helpful for osteoarthritis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome .

It is also important to pay attention to the signals that the body sends. If you experience repeated pain in your muscles or tendons, you should see a physical therapist. Don't wait for the pain to get worse.

Today, many methods have been developed to successfully treat a variety of cases with regard to physical therapy.

Take care of your body and especially your musculoskeletal system. Even if the musculoskeletal system is not working properly, even simple daily activities cannot be enjoyed. Likewise, if you have a serious problem, don't hesitate to see a physical therapist.

Let's find out the cause of muscle strain

To prevent muscle strain, you need to know how to exercise properly. You can avoid injuries with a little attention, such as warming up with warm-up exercises.

Muscle cramps are muscle tissue damage commonly experienced by people who exercise . Symptoms of muscle suppuration worsen as fatigue builds up in the muscles, so people who move their bodies a lot need quick treatment.
Let's find out the cause of muscle strain

In order for our body to move, muscle contraction and relaxation are essential, and muscle contraction and relaxation must be repeated for any exercise to develop muscle strength.

Muscle strain caused by activity
Why do muscle cramps occur frequently even though they are used to normal movements? Next, let's look at various causes of muscle strain.

Burdensome exercise intensity
When your body exercises unbearably, muscle strain occurs. The muscles become stronger in proportion to time and effort, but if you suddenly put a strain on the muscles, the muscle fibers are bound to burst.

Consider delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) . Delayed muscle soreness is an unfamiliar behavior that causes muscle discomfort, which is a good example of muscle pain when people suddenly move heavy furniture or resume early football activities in a few years.

In Punta enough physical condition, depending on the intensity of exercise is the specific muscle ruptures, it may cause pain to begin to relax the body, the more intense exercise maximum safety is.

Muscle strain caused by activity
Also, be careful that muscles that have recently been injured are prone to injury. In order to make the muscles that have not been used properly for a few weeks or months to contract normally again, you need to train them gradually.

Exercise time too long
Another cause of muscle strain is exercising too long to strain the muscles . To avoid muscle damage or rupture, you need to adapt your muscles, gradually increasing exercise time and intensity.

Muscle imbalance
Our muscles include the main muscle, the muscle that holds the initiative when flexing and unfolding the limb joints, and the antagonist, the muscle that does the opposite, and these two muscles move in balance so that they can exercise without injury.

If the agonist muscle is stronger than the antagonist muscle, the antagonist muscle can not keep up with the strength of the agonist muscle, and the muscle tissue may rupture due to excessive relaxation.

Lack of warm-up
Literally, there is a lack of warm-up, so the muscles are not prepared for exercise, causing muscle strain. If you don't loosen up enough before exercising, your chances of muscle tissue bursting are much higher.

Muscle strain caused by external factors
Lack of rest
It is very important to give your muscles enough time to recover after exercise . If you don't sleep properly or continue to exercise vigorously in a row without rest, your chances of tearing your muscles increase.

Muscle strain caused by external factors
Use of inappropriate equipment
Improper use of exercise equipment is also a cause of injury. Inappropriate exercise equipment refers to equipment that is defective or heavily worn and places an abnormal burden on the body. Exercise equipment that causes abnormal movement will only cause problems such as muscle strain.

Without adequate nutrients, muscle fibers weaken and become unable to withstand repeated contractions.

Other causes of muscle strain
People with poor blood circulation or people with diabetes-like disorders should be especially careful of muscle strain . When there is a problem with blood circulation, muscle nutrients are weakened because sufficient nutrients cannot be delivered to the muscles.

Weather also affects the incidence of muscle strain. If the weather is cold and humid, be careful as the warm-up does not work out and the flexibility will decrease .

How to prevent muscle strain
As mentioned earlier, the most efficient way to avoid muscle strain is to loosen up enough and not suddenly strain your muscles . Do not forget to eat well, sleep and use suitable exercise equipment while exercising steadily.

Osteoporosis and exercise

Osteoporosis and exercise

Physical activity plays an essential role in preventing various pathologies. One of them is osteoporosis.

Health is one of the most common topics people are concerned about. Physical activity is essential to stay healthy. So  did you know that exercise plays a key role in the treatment of certain pathologies such as osteoporosis ?
Osteoporosis and exercise

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis and exercise
Osteoporosis is a disease that reduces the density of bone tissue. The main characteristic is that bone tissue is weakened due to low patient bone mass.

As a result, the bones of osteoporosis patients are weakened, and there is a greater risk of bone breakage than normal people. This disease can also cause fractures in areas that are as important to mobility as the hip or spine .

Exercise and osteoporosis prevention
As with other pathologies, physical activity helps improve the symptoms of osteoporosis. Exercise can stimulate bone tissue that worsens in a sedentary way.

What is the opinion of the scientific community about this?
In a very important Dr. Fabiana Sayegh 's study, we compared bone mineral density in three experimental participant groups: a group of sitting participants, an athlete group, and sometimes a group of participants going to the gym.

In all tests, the bone density of the athlete group was higher than the other two groups. In addition, the bone density of the occasional exercise group was slightly higher than that of the sedentary people.

Therefore, this study concluded that exercise plays an essential role in improving bone density , which helps prevent certain pathologies such as osteoporosis .

Osteoporosis and exercise
Benefits of exercise for osteoporosis patients
An active lifestyle not only improves and prevents the symptoms of osteoporosis, but also offers several benefits:

Increased muscle mass through strength training
Prevent and control risk factors.
Improve posture hygiene and balance.
Prevent bone loss.
Improve cardiovascular health levels.
Improving performance in everyday life.
Finally, it significantly improves the quality of life.
Is there a danger?
In osteoporosis, the main risk from exercise is that high-intensity exercise can cause fractures . Therefore, it is important to seek professional help so that you can plan according to your needs.

What exercise should I do? Osteoporosis and exercise
Now you know how important physical activity is in the prevention of osteoporosis. But besides physical health, there are other aspects to watch out for. In fact, that focuses on intake of calcium and vitamin C should follow a healthy diet . Calcium and vitamin C are very important nutrients. In addition, it is strongly recommended to reduce sun exposure and to regularly visit the hospital.

If you want to start an exercise routine, keep these tips in mind.

Exercise from an early age can prevent osteoporosis caused by bone mineralization.
Osteoporosis and exercise
Focus on balance and flexibility.
Exercise with high impact on your body. Exercise similar to swimming has a low impact on the body, so it is not very effective in improving the symptoms of osteoporosis.
Strength training promotes an increase in muscle mass, so it can be an essential activity . Nephrotic exercise is considered the best exercise for osteoporosis patients.
Conclusion, osteoporosis and exercise
As you can see, physical activity plays a key role in the treatment and prevention of common diseases such as osteoporosis.

Accepted by yourself under the supervision of a sports science expert, and choosing the right exercise is essential depending on the severity and limitations of the disease. It's never too late to prevent osteoporosis, so don't hesitate anymore. Let's start exercising now!

Exercises to help control high blood pressure levels

Exercises to help control high blood pressure levels

Aerobic exercise is recommended for most people with high blood pressure, but should not be started blindly. First, you should consult with your doctor to know what to do according to the progress of the disease.
There are exercises that can help you control your high blood pressure levels, while others do not. Also, remember that exercise does not cure your illness.

Hypertension cannot depend on medication alone. To lower the blood pressure level to an appropriate level, you need to change your lifestyle and diet and exercise.
Exercises to help control high blood pressure levels

Exercise is a beneficial activity for people with high blood pressure, reducing blood pressure and preventing other causes of heart disease, such as obesity.

Athletes with high blood pressure should be familiar with blood pressure monitors . You need to be able to read the values ​​on the device properly and have regular checkups to succeed in lowering your blood pressure normally.

High blood pressure control and exercise effect
First of all, the good news is that you don't have to work hard for a long time to activate your metabolism . Exercise time to help control high blood pressure levels is also effective for busy people, so you just need to pay a little bit.

To lower your blood pressure level, it's usually a good idea to do aerobic exercises, such as climbing stairs, biking, or dancing.

Exercises to help control high blood pressure levels
Some medical practitioners recommend that you exercise for 30 minutes every day, at least five times a week , as exercising 150 minutes a week has a significant effect on blood pressure control .

If you increase your workout intensity, you may exercise 75 minutes per week, but keep in mind that exercising too vigorously may have side effects.

There is no reason to feel burdened if you exercise 30 minutes each day. Depending on working hours, 20 minutes of exercise in the morning and 10 minutes of exercise in the afternoon can have the same effect.

If you're a white-collar worker with lots of sitting time, make a mid-walk time. Just walking for about 5 minutes once every hour will not only lower your blood pressure, but will also be a great help to your overall health.

Pre-workout checkup
Patients with hypertension should consult a doctor before starting exercise. This is because you can find out which exercise is best for your age and condition.

In particular, if a patient with hypertension who decides to start exercising is over 50 years of age, it is necessary to make sure that there is no risk of developing other cardiovascular diseases . 

Overweight hypertensive patients should also consult their physician before exercise to discuss more effective exercise methods and diet.

If you have a disease other than high blood pressure, you need to make sure you are in good health to exercise . People with diabetes and high blood pressure may have different exercise methods.

Pre-workout checkup
Once you start exercising, watch carefully to see if symptoms appear different than before . If you start working out and feel chest pain or dizziness, do so immediately.

Good exercise to control high blood pressure levels
So what is a good exercise to control high blood pressure levels? Basically, it must be exercise that the patient himself can enjoy, which can help promote health.

As mentioned earlier, aerobic exercise is effective in controlling high blood pressure levels, so try running, swimming and biking. These exercises can effectively achieve a target exercise time of 150 minutes per week.

Good exercise to control high blood pressure levels
Group workouts that are held at a set time are difficult to match individual times, but it is also a good idea to mix and match individual and group workouts according to the schedule.

Patients with hypertension must check their blood pressure before performing anaerobic exercise such as bodybuilding, so learn how to use the correct blood pressure monitor.

Exercise is a great way to control high blood pressure levels
In conclusion, exercise is helpful for hypertensive patients. Three measures, such as diet control and medication, can be used to properly return blood pressure levels.

If you are hypertensive, don't make excuses for not being able to exercise even more and move your body right away!