4 ingredients to help you lose weight

In addition to the essential diet and exercise, certain recipes can also help you lose weight.

4 ingredients to help you lose weight

Belly fat smoothie
Now, let 's look at 4 ingredients that can help you lose weight. Pineapple, broccoli, cucumber and celery make great detox smoothies. To make a smoothie, you need the following ingredients.

1 celery stem
1 medium cucumber
1 cup chopped parsley
3 fresh pineapple slices
The first thing to do is wash the vegetables and pineapple, then remove the peel. Add all ingredients to the blender and grind well. Do not add ingredients such as salt, pepper, sugar or sugar substitutes.

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To see the effect, you need to make a smoothie and drink it within 15 minutes so that the efficacy of the ingredients does not go away.

You Need Should drink this drink on an empty stomach in the Early Morning. Combine smoothies with exercise and healthy eating habits . Only then can you see a definite result.

4 ingredients to help you lose weight
Are you curious why this drink has such a powerful effect? Do you want to know why there are so many benefits to act quickly? The answer can be found in the perfect combination of beverage ingredients.

4 ingredients to help you lose weight
First , let's look at celery, a low-calorie food. 100g of celery is only 16kcal, so it helps to lose weight. It is also a food rich in fiber.

According to some studies, simple methods, such as increasing fiber intake in your diet, are one of the most important components in losing weight.

Like celery, cucumber provides fiber and has the same nutritional value as celery, so it has a low calorie content. Cucumbers are made up of 95% moisture, so eating this vegetable can help you consume 2L of water a day, which is the recommended way to lose weight .

4 ingredients to help you lose weight
Parsley is another healthy food. Parsley contains-3.3grams-of-fiber-per-100 grams. In addition, the same amount of cucumber and celery contains 0.5g and 1.6g of fiber, respectively.

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Pineapple contains 1 g of insoluble fiber per 100 g and is 50 kcal. In addition, pineapple improves the flavor of smoothies and acts as a diuretic, helping to remove body fluids.

Other Smoothie Recipe
4 ingredients to help you lose weight
As mentioned earlier, smoothies to lose weight are best when taken on an empty stomach. You should eat once a day, but it can depend on how much you need to lose weight.

If you want to burn fat, try some of these smoothies.

Materials required
Orange juice or lemon juice
how to make
Wash all ingredients, remove seeds, cut and place in blender. Then, grind with water to complete a soft drink. now add  lemon juice or orange juice. Let's drink the finished drink in a glass.

This simple smoothie has a high fiber content and has a strong diuretic effect. It is also a helpful drink if you want to lower your blood pressure in a natural way. It can purify blood and lower cholesterol .