Let's find out the cause of muscle strain

To prevent muscle strain, you need to know how to exercise properly. You can avoid injuries with a little attention, such as warming up with warm-up exercises.

Muscle cramps are muscle tissue damage commonly experienced by people who exercise . Symptoms of muscle suppuration worsen as fatigue builds up in the muscles, so people who move their bodies a lot need quick treatment.
Let's find out the cause of muscle strain

In order for our body to move, muscle contraction and relaxation are essential, and muscle contraction and relaxation must be repeated for any exercise to develop muscle strength.

Muscle strain caused by activity
Why do muscle cramps occur frequently even though they are used to normal movements? Next, let's look at various causes of muscle strain.

Burdensome exercise intensity
When your body exercises unbearably, muscle strain occurs. The muscles become stronger in proportion to time and effort, but if you suddenly put a strain on the muscles, the muscle fibers are bound to burst.

Consider delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) . Delayed muscle soreness is an unfamiliar behavior that causes muscle discomfort, which is a good example of muscle pain when people suddenly move heavy furniture or resume early football activities in a few years.

In Punta enough physical condition, depending on the intensity of exercise is the specific muscle ruptures, it may cause pain to begin to relax the body, the more intense exercise maximum safety is.

Muscle strain caused by activity
Also, be careful that muscles that have recently been injured are prone to injury. In order to make the muscles that have not been used properly for a few weeks or months to contract normally again, you need to train them gradually.

Exercise time too long
Another cause of muscle strain is exercising too long to strain the muscles . To avoid muscle damage or rupture, you need to adapt your muscles, gradually increasing exercise time and intensity.

Muscle imbalance
Our muscles include the main muscle, the muscle that holds the initiative when flexing and unfolding the limb joints, and the antagonist, the muscle that does the opposite, and these two muscles move in balance so that they can exercise without injury.

If the agonist muscle is stronger than the antagonist muscle, the antagonist muscle can not keep up with the strength of the agonist muscle, and the muscle tissue may rupture due to excessive relaxation.

Lack of warm-up
Literally, there is a lack of warm-up, so the muscles are not prepared for exercise, causing muscle strain. If you don't loosen up enough before exercising, your chances of muscle tissue bursting are much higher.

Muscle strain caused by external factors
Lack of rest
It is very important to give your muscles enough time to recover after exercise . If you don't sleep properly or continue to exercise vigorously in a row without rest, your chances of tearing your muscles increase.

Muscle strain caused by external factors
Use of inappropriate equipment
Improper use of exercise equipment is also a cause of injury. Inappropriate exercise equipment refers to equipment that is defective or heavily worn and places an abnormal burden on the body. Exercise equipment that causes abnormal movement will only cause problems such as muscle strain.

Without adequate nutrients, muscle fibers weaken and become unable to withstand repeated contractions.

Other causes of muscle strain
People with poor blood circulation or people with diabetes-like disorders should be especially careful of muscle strain . When there is a problem with blood circulation, muscle nutrients are weakened because sufficient nutrients cannot be delivered to the muscles.

Weather also affects the incidence of muscle strain. If the weather is cold and humid, be careful as the warm-up does not work out and the flexibility will decrease .

How to prevent muscle strain
As mentioned earlier, the most efficient way to avoid muscle strain is to loosen up enough and not suddenly strain your muscles . Do not forget to eat well, sleep and use suitable exercise equipment while exercising steadily.
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