Osteoporosis and exercise

Osteoporosis and exercise

Physical activity plays an essential role in preventing various pathologies. One of them is osteoporosis.

Health is one of the most common topics people are concerned about. Physical activity is essential to stay healthy. So  did you know that exercise plays a key role in the treatment of certain pathologies such as osteoporosis ?
Osteoporosis and exercise

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis and exercise
Osteoporosis is a disease that reduces the density of bone tissue. The main characteristic is that bone tissue is weakened due to low patient bone mass.

As a result, the bones of osteoporosis patients are weakened, and there is a greater risk of bone breakage than normal people. This disease can also cause fractures in areas that are as important to mobility as the hip or spine .

Exercise and osteoporosis prevention
As with other pathologies, physical activity helps improve the symptoms of osteoporosis. Exercise can stimulate bone tissue that worsens in a sedentary way.

What is the opinion of the scientific community about this?
In a very important Dr. Fabiana Sayegh 's study, we compared bone mineral density in three experimental participant groups: a group of sitting participants, an athlete group, and sometimes a group of participants going to the gym.

In all tests, the bone density of the athlete group was higher than the other two groups. In addition, the bone density of the occasional exercise group was slightly higher than that of the sedentary people.

Therefore, this study concluded that exercise plays an essential role in improving bone density , which helps prevent certain pathologies such as osteoporosis .

Osteoporosis and exercise
Benefits of exercise for osteoporosis patients
An active lifestyle not only improves and prevents the symptoms of osteoporosis, but also offers several benefits:

Increased muscle mass through strength training
Prevent and control risk factors.
Improve posture hygiene and balance.
Prevent bone loss.
Improve cardiovascular health levels.
Improving performance in everyday life.
Finally, it significantly improves the quality of life.
Is there a danger?
In osteoporosis, the main risk from exercise is that high-intensity exercise can cause fractures . Therefore, it is important to seek professional help so that you can plan according to your needs.

What exercise should I do? Osteoporosis and exercise
Now you know how important physical activity is in the prevention of osteoporosis. But besides physical health, there are other aspects to watch out for. In fact, that focuses on intake of calcium and vitamin C should follow a healthy diet . Calcium and vitamin C are very important nutrients. In addition, it is strongly recommended to reduce sun exposure and to regularly visit the hospital.

If you want to start an exercise routine, keep these tips in mind.

Exercise from an early age can prevent osteoporosis caused by bone mineralization.
Osteoporosis and exercise
Focus on balance and flexibility.
Exercise with high impact on your body. Exercise similar to swimming has a low impact on the body, so it is not very effective in improving the symptoms of osteoporosis.
Strength training promotes an increase in muscle mass, so it can be an essential activity . Nephrotic exercise is considered the best exercise for osteoporosis patients.
Conclusion, osteoporosis and exercise
As you can see, physical activity plays a key role in the treatment and prevention of common diseases such as osteoporosis.

Accepted by yourself under the supervision of a sports science expert, and choosing the right exercise is essential depending on the severity and limitations of the disease. It's never too late to prevent osteoporosis, so don't hesitate anymore. Let's start exercising now!
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