Many experts recommend walking as one of the most beneficial exercises to do during pregnancy. Start walking at moderate speeds 2-3 times a week and increase your walking time, speed, and slope if you have more energy and stamina.
Most of it is beneficial for the body to exercise during pregnancy. However, you need to consult a doctor to find out which routine is best for you. The level of exercise you choose depends primarily on your body condition before pregnancy.
What to do and what not to do when exercising during pregnancy

Exercises you can do during pregnancy
Exercises you can do during pregnancy largely depend on what your pregnant woman can enjoy and what doctors recommend. Swimming, for example, is a great sport because it doesn't feel weight while floating. Combining cardio training, strength training and stretching is the best activity to do during pregnancy, as long as you avoid avoiding high-impact exercises on your body.

Exercises you can do during pregnancy
Of course, if you liked running before pregnancy, you may need to make some changes to your routine, but you are likely to be able to keep running. During the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes, let's slow down the running speed for warm-up and finish.

Many women experience dizziness during the first three months of pregnancy and the center of gravity changes as the fetus grows. Therefore, especially during the last three months of pregnancy, it is difficult to maintain balance, making exercise difficult.

You should also stop when your body shows unusual symptoms and signals you to stop exercising. The signs that the body needs to take some rest are: Pay attention to this.

Difficulty breathing
Fast heart rate
Pain in the back, pelvis, or related areas
You should also keep in mind that body temperature is very important when exercising during pregnancy  . Body temperature above 39 degrees is not good for babies. Do not exercise at high temperatures, as fetal development can cause problems.

When the weather is hot, do not exercise outdoors during the hottest hours. Also , don't forget that it is not easy to know if your body temperature is rising when swimming . The water always gives me a refreshing feeling.

Exercises to avoid during pregnancy
Most doctors do not recommend exercises that you should lie on your back, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. The following exercises should be avoided during pregnancy, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Up and down the stairs
Exercises, including the sudden change of direction
Exercises that can hurt your abdomen
Also, experts do not recommend sports, including any physical contact, such as skiing, diving and horseback riding. These sports have a high risk of falling and can cause serious injuries due to dangerous sudden movements.

Exercises to avoid during pregnancy
If you enjoy aerobic exercise, you can do very useful step aerobics during pregnancy. However, as the number of months progresses, the height of the scaffolding must be reduced. In addition, the rhythm should be adjusted so that the body does not become exhausted.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you should stop exercising and seek medical advice immediately.

Abnormal pain
Vaginal pain
Faster heartbeat and strong pain in the chest
Dizziness and dizziness
Difficulty breathing
Uterine contraction

Exercise during pregnancy is a very healthy activity for your body, as long as you are careful in the right way. Talk to your doctor about what you can and cannot do.